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Stone Of The Month - November - Topaz

This is our 12th and final post in the series on stones of the month, with November providing us with the distinct Topaz.


The Topaz originally had some confusion over its name. The term 'Topaz' was actually applied to Peridot, with the name deriving from the main source of peridot on St. Johns Island in the Red Sea where it was heavily mined centuries ago. Today, the Topaz is recognised as an entirely different and distinct mineral species. Topaz can appear in many colours, more than most stones can ever appear in, however it is best known to appear in yellow or blue, with the most valuable colour of topaz being pink.

Due to it's nature of being found in many different colournvairations, the Topaz is a very versatile stone for use within jewellery, allowing it to fit and match to any colour scheme, from dark autumnal tones to bright summery tones, and even to cool wintery shades. No other semi-precious stone possess the ability to do so, appearing in many different colours like some sort of mineral chameleon.

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