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At RPM Pawnbrokers, we understand London can be an expensive place to live, and sometimes you need access to cash at short notice. When you pawn jewellery or watches with us, you borrow money against the value of your valuable items. We provide fantastic rates and are always on hand to offer advice and to answer your questions.

Instant cash loans

At RPM Pawnbrokers, we can offer you an instant cash loan against the value of your items, including jewellery, watches and other valuables. We can offer you a quote straight away, which means your cash is only a few steps away. If you need money quickly, then our instant loans could be the answer you’re looking for.

Reliable financing rates on pawnbroking

Our rates are among the most competitive in the pawnbroking industry. For an example of the rates on offer, take a look at our loan calculator below.

BORROW £100 AT 8% – £8 PER MONTH
Total amount of credit £100 for 7 months
Total charge for credit £156
Total amount of interest £56
Interest rate 96% pa (fixed) equivalent to 8% per month
Estimated APR 115%
Borrow £1000 at 6% – £60 per month
Total amount of credit £1000 for 7 months
Total charge for credit
Total amount of interest £1420
Interest rate 72% pa (fixed) equivalent to 6% per month
Estimated APR 81.8%
BORROW £10000 AT 4% – £400 PER MONTH
Total amount of credit £10000 for 7 months
Total charge for credit £12800
Total amount of interest £2800
Interest rate 4%
Estimated APR

Peace of mind when pawning your valuables with our experienced teams

With our trustworthy pawnbroking service, you can borrow money instantly against the value of your items such as watches, jewellery and gold. As with any loan, interest is charged based on how long you leave the items with us, however you have no penalty charges for ending a contract early as you may do with a traditional credit loan. The value of the loan is secured against the items left with us.

Pawnbroking is a service that has been offered throughout history, yet we believe it is our experience, integrity and trustworthiness that sets us apart & has made us London’s favourite option over the past 10 years.

Our RPM family values extend beyond our own family and staff to you, our valued clients.

High end services available at RPM, beyond Pawnbroker

RPM Pawnbrokers

As well as being a well established & highly regarded pawnbroker we also provide other high quality, professional services.

We buy & sell all forms of precious metals and stones, jewellery and watches.

We also provide via our workshop, based in Hatton Garden an excellent repair service for both Jewellery and watches. Our workshops have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and we implore you to let us show you what they can do.

We also can offer a bespoke jewellery making service.

Please see the links below for more information or contact us direct with any questions.

Sell your items

Sell Your Unwanted Items For Great Prices and Get Instant Cash With Our Purchasing Service

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Instant loans available against your goods of value


Here at RPM we have a fine selection of Jewellery & Watches for you to browse in our online Shop

Repairs & Services

Whether you bought your item from us or not, discover the after sale services we offer at RPM.

RPM Pawnbrokers

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